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IMC stands for Integrated Marketing Communications. It ensures that all forms of communications and messages are carefully linked together. At its most basic level, Integrated Marketing Communications, or IMC, as we’ll call it, means integrating all the promotional tools, so that they work together in harmony. IMC involves coordinating the various promotional elements and other marketing activities that communicate with the firm’s customers. The basic tools used to accomplish an organization’s communication objectives are referred to as the promotional mix. Presented here is the IMC campaign for Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief – which spanned across at least three years from 2011 – 2013.

The Backdrop for the IMC:

Tooth sensitivity — also known as dentin hypersensitivity — affects the tooth or exposed root surfaces. This occurs when the enamel that protects our teeth gets thinner, or when gum recession occurs, exposing the underlying surface, the dentin, thus, reducing the protection the enamel and gums provide to the tooth and root. Tooth sensitivity affects up to 57% of the population worldwide. In a country where people love eating, sacrificing one’s favourite food can be a traumatic experience. 17% of Indians suffer from acute tooth sensitivity and do nothing about it. They simply choose to alter their eating and drinking habits, to avoid the pain.

While the overall toothpaste market (around Rs. 2700 crores in 2011) was growing at 8 per cent, the dentist recommended ‘sensitive toothpaste’ segment was estimated to be around Rs 209 crore and was growing at around 18 per cent per year. Colgate dominated the overall toothpaste market with a market share of 53%. It’s market share in the sensitive toothpaste market was around 15%. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare India (GSK) brought in its global oral care brand Sensodyne to the Indian market in 2011, and within four months, it captured a 10% market share. This was a good enough reason for Colgate to get into a damage-control mode.

To reinforce its position, it launched Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste in addition to Colgate Sensitive, to take on Sensodyne. Competition had forced Colgate to dig deeper for consumer insights. In a survey conducted with market research firm Nielsen, Colgate found that the problem of sensitive teeth was widespread, but there was limited awareness about it among consumers. The findings showed that about 11% of the total respondents used toothpastes providing sensitivity relief. That gave companies like Colgate and GSK a huge scope for growth.

The Execution of IMC:

Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief was launched in 2011. The IMC campaign flagged off with a TVC featuring real-life consumers sharing their tooth sensitivity problems. The TVC captured their positive reactions after the use of the toothpaste on the spot, thereby highlighting the instant relief providing property of the toothpaste.

A PR ad was carried out on Independence Day in 2011, in association with Times of India. On that day, the exactly same newspaper that was published on August 15, 1947 was recreated, with simple Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief ads which communicated independence from pain. The CSPR Independence Day issue was reprinted and released across 6 key brand markets – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune and Ahmedabad. The communication reached 3.2 million households. Colgate’s share of the sensitivity share jumped from 19% to 26%.

A sales promotion campaign was carried out in June 2011, wherein the 5000 people to sms “INSTANT” to 5616111 received a free sample of Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste delivered to their home. A similar campaign was repeated in 2013.

♦ Consumer had to give a miss call on toll free number 18002082020

♦ They received a message: “Thanks for calling colgate sensitive prorelief. For a free sample msg ur details in this format to 09664266000 : Colgate Name Address Pincode” ♦ Now SMS to 09664266000 with Colgate following with your Name, Address & Pin

♦ Final confirmation message: “Thanks your details have been saved in our database. Your free sample will be shipped…

The same message was communicated across all promotional platforms.

The use of outdoor media can be seen here:

CSPR Wireman Innovation – Innovative Use of Existing Medium

IMC - Digital

London Metro Digital Media for Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief


Print Ad

Retail promotion activation was done in tie-ups with various retailers.

Television was extensively used to communicate the benefits of the brand.


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  1. Wonderful come back of colgate in market of sensetivity (pro-relief) and outperform the sensodyne,as far as their promotion campaign is concerned all work in integration be it tv ads,sms, outdoor media or tie ups with retailer one message on different tool what it talk about IMC.

  2. This post will be very helpful for marketing student to understand the concept of integrated marketing communication, and how Colgate use IMC to convey the same massage from different promotional tools and make their campaign successful.

  3. The idea of promoting through SMS where they got a reach of 5000 people who came to know about CSPR was good.

    Even the missed call campaign was a nice strategy to gain people attention towards CSPR.

    But the best strategy that they was used was to tie up with BASKIN ROBBINS.
    Where they can get actual customers who are suffering from sensitivity which stops them to eat Icecream and thus they can approach the customer to use CSPR which Would also help to increase the customers of BASKIN ROBBINS also.

  4. The strategy use by colgate sensitivity pro relief with retail promotion activation campaign was very much beneficial to the company as campaign with baskin robbins and with the help of TV channels more no. Of people they were able to reach which was beneficial to the society also and also on the part of colgate as the brand image.
    Also, free sample services campaign was also a good strategy to make more aware and make believe & faith in the mind of customers that they can have some what relief of their pain by using this product. & this can help colgate brand to maintain their goodwill in the market.

  5. The Concept of IMC and the case were explained very well. The case of Colgate Sensitive pro-relief shows how a brand can capitalise on its existing market share and take the advantage of very less competition. After having its dominance in the Regular tooth paste segment Colgate has focussed on Niche Segment of Sensitive tooth and after doing research Colgate had come up with a high quality product to satisfy the needs of consumes with a perfectly planned and executed strategy Colgate has been able to make consumers aware about the problem of sensitivity and the solution which they have come up with and has been able to captured a significantly higher market share.

    It was a very good case study for anyone who wants to learn IMC.

  6. Colgate Pro Relief Should introduce to the indian customer because there are number of people in india who are avoiding their tooth pain problems into their day to day life.
    It also should be intoduce to the old age people group so they can also take benefit of it.

  7. Colgate had played a smart move by capturing the most of the places for their promotion where it can be noticed by people.

  8. 1. Colgate sensitivity pro relief has targeted the customer who have unique demand like sensitivity.
    2. Colgate entered Niche marketing and tried to give personal touch to customer by giving them free sample to use so that they can become more sure about either to trust to trust the product to use or not.
    3. To increase their Sales they have also tied up with Baskin Robbins so that those customer who visited Baskin Robbins can also watch that poster and can get aware about the available product.
    4. Colgate also communicated with people about their problem regarding sensitivity so that they can get even more better idea regarding who they can better their product even more according to customer expectation so that can get more customers.

  9. Colgate increase awareness of its product and Services, also through brand communication make its product popular and also Sensitive problem increase but awareness was so limited, so they know Scope for growth .
    and these are the various components of IMC :-
    the target market is those who are suffer from sensitivity,
    Consumer Experience :- in the Adv its shows that b’re and a’re the use of its product,
    Sales promotion :-through Personal selling; Advertisement,also they provide Toll free number , and maintain database.

  10. In this Case batter way cover some touch points to customers, and solve her major problems.
    More than half of population world wide affect tooth sensitivity and sacrificing ones favourite food,
    Like, by use Colgate pro- sensitive effect and working instantly and Paine free customers by use this pro- relief sensitive,

  11. In these above case of Colgate a brief idea of integrated marketing communication is given where different ways of promoting the tooth paste is given and how effectively they have done a come back. In these case the colgate has given tough competition to sensodyne. Here the PR strategy that is used to reach the customers was powerful to understand and solve there issues

  12. Perfect case for understanding IMC concept .As Colgate is very confident about product quality and it reflect in its all promotional tools . It further boost the Product quality performance amongs consumer by giving real time experience of pain relief.

  13. From the colgate case i would able to get a brief idea about the IMC. The strategies which was used by colgate were very effective and has given a tough competition to the Sensodyne. The strategy of PR that is used to understand the problems of the customer and resolve them is more powerful.
    With these strategies high effective promotion the company was able create an efficient market share for his product.

  14. IMC is the best way to get business opportunities through communication with the firm’s customers.IMC has initiated campaign for Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. They have made the customers aware about the benefits of using Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. Initially though Colgate was the no.1 brand for toothpaste,but to compete with Sensodyne and to be at the top of the industry, they introduced Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief.They have launched PR ad on Independence day in 2011 with a message “Independence from Pain”.They made ads on their Real life customers with their positive reactions after using Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief.Sales promotion campaign was also impressive.It was all about the benefits of customers , customers can have free home delivery of toothpaste at no cost.They have repeated this campaign in 2013 from the experience of june 2011.IMC conveyed the message through different promotional tools and finally the campaign succeed.

  15. Colgate Company is a typical market oriented company who is a market leader in toothpaste and they have proved their dominance with an intelligent move of launching Colgate sensitive Pro Relief within a very short time after the launch of sensodyne. The marketing campin was very well designed. Their practical examples of testing toothpaste on regular people have helped them create a very positive impact on their target market. Tying up with BR was a very smart move as ice cream creates a lot of pain to the tooth sensitive patient. Overall to understand IMC this case was very well explained with all the facts and figures. Thumbs up.

  16. Colgate Pro Relief Should introduce to the indian customer because there are number of people in india who are Suffering from this sensitivity problem nd people are avoiding this.
    And IMC is also a best concept to promote any brand in market.

  17. 1. In T.V. PR_ad of Colgate Pro-Relief, they try to Use different demographic and geographic category of people to cover more the one regions. that is very difficult to intermixture with each other.
    2.They are also well-mentioned harassment by using the first pop-up, Tweak of electricity, Tweak of cold/hot, “Kate jesa lagta he” etc..
    3. In PR_ad, they come up with product differentiation (it contains ingredients such as potassium nitrate or strontium chloride, which block pain signals to the nerve of the tooth by stopping up the tiny tunnels in your teeth, which go to the nerve) which can have it through a finger. After customer satisfaction, they suggest, ” User should have a habit of using a brush every day for long relief ! how is it possibal ?

  18. Through imc, colgate promote its brand also increase awarness of product and service, and also through brand communication make their product popular
    Its emphasis on target market.and its those who are suffer from sensitivity.also various components like conusmer experience; communication tools, integration tool.

  19. This is one of the best case of integrated marketing communication and students can learn very well from this case.
    The strategy used by colgate is very helpfull to company for growth and success because promotion campaign doing by colgate is very well.

  20. colgate sensitive pro- relief shows effective ways of outdoor promotions where they have tried to reach the maximum number of customers throught easy communication medium. The idea of free sample is an attractive idea which gains attention of the consumers. Also the tieup with BASKIN&ROBBIN was another way of making people aware how to get over of their sensitive tooth. It is an effective case for learing IMC

  21. The strategy use by colgate by introducing sensitivity pro relief with wonderfully promoted by identify problem of people by campaign and that was very much beneficial to the company in market which shows as it jump from 19% to 26%.

  22. Colgate has done promotion of the product very well they have make their product promotion that can easily be visible to their customers and they have also selected sample of the customer and have given them sample to use so that they can get clear idea about the product. They have also given feedback options so that customer can share their views and they can even improve even more needed.

  23. In this case Good promotion strategy for use colgate sensitivity.They must be used good communication channel. Colgate have major focues to teeth sensitivity.and they reinforce their position.

  24. The way of camaing to introduce the product was good enough so that tha coustomers get to know about the sensitivity but there are still some regions where the coustomers are not aware of it. So they should improve the strategy to reach all the customers.

  25. The analysis of the case is done perfectly. this case shows how a company integrates all its promotional activitys and communicate the product to the customers effectively and efficiently. The Concept of IMC is easily relatable with the real life situation.

  26. In this case by Colgate use or right way to cover customers problems and more than half of population world wide suffer from this problem and sacrifice for eating some foods.

    So. By using this Colgate sensitive pro-Relief on the spot solve her problem and he can free from her pain and can eating freely any food.

    Generally by using any other treatment give some time for her affect but apposite case for this Colgate sensitive pro-Relief.

  27. Colgate has nicely used the IMC tools, thats why the sales and market share of their product was raised,This Case gives live example to the marketing students to understand that How to use IMC tools or how to apply IMC in practical life.

  28. Only 11% of the total respondents used toothpastes providing sensitivity relief.

    Thus Awareness is very low thus companies like Colgate and GSK a huge scope for growth.

    It is a best idea for the using sales promotion tools . 5000 people to sms “INSTANT” to 5616111 received a free sample of Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste delivered to their home. And easily aware to all people by sms system.

  29. as per the case given, it was understood that as the market need was identified, GSK launched it’s brand to indian market and so got the initiator’s advantage. colgate then realised the emerging market for sensitive tooth. thus it integrated marketing communication channels like print media, broadcast media, etc. colgate focused more on television media so that it can achieve mass coverage.

  30. The missed call campaign was a nice strategy to gain people attention towards Colgate Sensitive Pro relief. This has helped them not just to retain the market share but increase and always be the Leader of the Industry with its IMC strategies.

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