No News is Good News !!!

I vividly recall my mother wording this proverb when I was young enough to be called a smart kid. According to her, the wisdom behind the proverb was to have perennial hope and positivism in aal (all is now aal after 3 idiots) spheres of life ….. when something you dearly await isn’t forthcoming, it may not  be such a bad thing after all. Fast Forward to the 21st century and some media maniacs have interpreted this in a stupendously different way….

I draw attention to the plethora of news channels that have blossomed like wild weeds on our broadcasting arena. And if you still haven’t got the point, I am focusing upon the news-wallas who have a totally different understanding of the word – NEWS….NEWS is Rakhi Sawant’s latest fight with who-so-ever-it-is……News is Hrithik Roshan’s journey to Shirdi…(somehow they totally forgot to mention Saibaba’s name even once in the coverage)….news is ..well…anything that you can record on your camera and manage to have it blabbered by a stereo-type reporter. It breaks my heart to see what can get constituted as ‘Breaking News’. I am no longer afraid to miss any of my programs,,,,’coz some or the other news channel will give me a repeat telecast of ‘Comedy Circus’ or ‘Dance India Dance”’or Indian Idol. Come on ,… long can you keep on insulting our intellect? No NEWS is GOOD NEWS is a proverb….not a mission statement for your dimwit channel. Why would I be interested in knowing if Ranbir Kapoor is two-timing Deepika or Katrina? (and please do not show his old dedicated house-maid in your next episode to disclose the raaz….)

Isn’t there anything we can do to stop this drama? Any telecommunications engineer out there , please; who can secretly scramble up these signals or feeds or whatever you fancy calling them? Its not just stupid, its a sin, a crime committed against a trying-to-be-civilized society…we are making lions out of rats by just highlighting them, they are parasties who desperately need attention, and our channels deliver the arms to the devil.
On a serious note – Who’s the target audience ? What’s the profile of the audience member who’s hooked onto these non-news channels? Which marketing metrics can be deployed to unravel these mysteries? I shouldn’t be writing further, lest some bearded reporter comes to know of this and makes it the next BREAKING NEWS.

I am Ravi Vaidya, a management educator by profession. This is where I intend to be myself, where I can ‘I’deate.


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