8 Ways in which Social Media influences the Youth

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We, the youth of today aren’t scared of anything. But not finding the phone besides us in the middle of the night is enough to give us a small heart attack. We pamper our smart phones more than our body; we give it good amount of food in form of battery, water in the form of recharges, new clothes in form of different covers and accessories too.

From the time we wake up, we dream of becoming like the ones we follow on social media, we want to portray ourselves as someone we are not but would like to be – a health freak, a salad eater, a yoga expert, a cyclist, a pet lover, a fashionista and what not!

Social media is influencing our lives and shaping our character, our developments and also our behaviour. Social media influences youth both positively and negatively in many fields, we shall discuss few of them.

  1. Society


  1. Connecting with friends and families and beloved has become so very easy with media applications.
  2. Anonymous sharing of messages, confessions has become a trend which is helping people share their views and suggestions.


  1. Online altercations are hurting friendships and relationships. Whatsapp arguments are leading to verbal and physical confrontation.
  2. We have stopped interacting with the person sitting nearby or having a talk with a stranger rather we prefer texting than face to face conversation.


  1. Jobs


  1. 1000s of jobs are provided to the needy may it be whole time, part time or freelancing
  2. LinkedIn, naukri.con, freelancers have all opened a platform for the ones searching jobs according to the requirements.


  1. Watching updates from friend’s office make us dislike our job and thus turnover has increased over a higher rate.
  2. Misleading, fake jobs are a trend now; frauds have started using names of reputed companies and started cheating hundreds of people on daily basis.


  1. Politics


  1. We get influenced by our friends posting pictures of the proof that they voted and we go to vote early to post the same.
  2. The regular updates from the political parties make us aware about who is doing what in the interest of the public.


  1. Riots and misleading news about politics spread very faster creating disharmony among public.
  2. Memes and mocking videos about political persons are made fun of which in turn creates disrespect about individuals and the parties too.


  1. Fashion tips


  1. We follow our idols and badly desire to be like them, act like them, and behave like them.
  2. We get 100s of tips from different people for our skin care, cooking, crafting and all the fields we desire.


  1. Physical appearance to walks and talks we try to copy and at the end many people get into depression because of the same.
  2. Without using our brains we get influenced by the videos available and experiment on our skin and even in kitchen and create a disaster for ourselves.


  1. Education


  1. Be it meaning or content we search things online, ample amount of information are available online and thus we don’t find the need to visit library any more.
  2. Students and teachers get a platform to interact, collect and share resources, saving a lot time.


  1. On a higher amount as resources are available, greater cheatings are done on assignments and projects, papers are leaked very easily as this year 10th, 12th CBSE maths and Science papers were leaked.
  2. We have stopped using our brain and ctrl+c and ctrl+v have become our best project buddies.


  1. Time


  1. There are various applications which have enabled humans to save lots and lots of time as for example account statements are available online within seconds.
  2. Car and auto booking, bill paying, recharges, ticket booking all can be accomplished at a tap.


  1. Going online to check a notification wastes a hell lot of time as we indulge in various people’s post.
  2. The favourite work of youth of today is scrolling, scrolling Instagram, scrolling Facebook, scrolling status etc.


  1. Platform


  1. The things we cannot explain at the public places, social media is a very good platform to reach to the maximum and explain things as we want.
  2. A very good platform to reach billions of people and show our talent in any field.


  1. There are people who use the platform just to get famous despite having good talent.
  2. Just to take revenge against people and business wrong feedback and reviews are shared on social media to create a negative effect on public and ultimately ruin business.


  1. Privacy


  1. To keep our data, files, media, chats safe various applications are made on cloud which can be accessed anywhere.
  2. Our application can be kept private, our only single chat can be kept private, everything can be kept safe


  1. On the other hand nothing is private, recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that even his data on account is not safe, so nothing can be trusted.
  2. Hacking, cyber bullying of data, websites, accounts is so trending which leaves no room for trust for any social media application or website


Ritika Khajanchi

Ritika Khajanchi is an Associate Company Secretary. Charged with the motto of ‘Service above self’, Ritika aims at serving the business community in Surat with her skills and knowledge of managing companies and firms.

  1. Very well written Ms. Ritika Khajanchi 👍👏 😊
    I think there is no positive aspect of Privacy now as wen the most trustworthy Facebook is no more safe & there are so many hackers around i really doubt on the PRIVACY of our data.

  2. Its a very nice article by Ritika Khajanchi. You have gone through almost all aspects of this topic.
    I would like to add my view point,
    You know social media platforms are now a days becoming a marketing tool for higher tier personnel, and they are making people to believe what they want to, which could be for their personal interest. So our perception to world would become limited to the information we obtain.

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